USB Heated Shawl and Lap Blanket

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Is your office cold in the morning? Or worse, all day long? Well the USB Heated Shawl is your answer. Just plug it into your USB port on your laptop or desktop computer and place it around your shoulders. It even has a button to hold it in place around your shoulders while you work. It can also be draped over your legs to keep them warm or warm them up. Please note that the blanket is powered via USB and does not have an insulating layer for safety purposes. If you just plug it in and lay it on the desk expecting a radiating blanket of warmth you will be disappointed. The blanket is designed to work in conjunction with the body to retain and radiate heat from the heating pad. Once you plug the blanket it in lay it across your lap, across your shoulders, against your back or even sit on the blanket and you'll feel the warmth of the blanket in just a few minutes. Of course we take no responsibility for the fact that you won't want to leave your desk all day because once you've gotten all toasty and when you take your blanket off you immediately feel the temperature difference.

  • The USB Heating Blanket is a soft plush velour blanket surrounding a heating pad.
  • USB Powered, this computer blanket plugs it into any Desktop or Laptop, PC or Mac.
  • 80x45cm
  • This heated blanket is the perfect alternative for workplaces that do not allow office desk heaters.