Yolk Fish Egg Separator

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All those master chefs out there will appreciate the complexity when it comes to separating an egg! Sometimes you get it just right and you can whisk the whites to a gorgeous meringue with ease, but other times you just can't do it and your nice bowl of whites becomes a mixture of yellow and shattered shell!

Well finally there is an invention that can help you out!

The Yolk Fish will become your new little kitchen helper as it separates your eggs with ease! Carefully crack the egg into the bowl and the Yolk Fish's wide mouth will suck the yolk up when you squeeze it gently, then simply just squeeze the yolk into another bowl!

Whether its the yolks or whites you need for your cooking this clever new invention will make sure you get it right every time!

Not only is this little fish a super practical appliance to have in the kitchen but it is very easy on the eye with its cute design making the perfect gift for all lovers of cooking!



  • Crack eggs into a bowl and let Yolk Fish neatly suck up the egg yolks and spit them out in another container
  • Made from silicone
  • Baking is made easier and less stressful with this little guy to help out and do all the hard work
  • Lovely Gift Idea